Online radio is a great tool for constantly testing new concepts. Indeed, with RadioKing, opening a radio stream is quick and there’s no commitment, so it’s the perfect way to test your new ideas!

Here are 20 online radio concepts that are out of the ordinary and worth listening to:

Online radios to share your passions

You may not need to look any further to find an original concept. Some people use online radio stations to get together around a shared passion, creating a conceptual radio. Do you like bird watching or knitting? There’s a niche to be filled.

1. Yachting International Radio, the online radio station for yachting enthusiasts. Rhea is passionate about yachting and wanted to create a radio station to give a voice to the worldwide crew in the Yachting Industry. Find out more about Yachting International Radio! 

2. Explorers Emporium Radio, the online radio station for Explorers and Adventurers! If you enjoy the music and sounds of the Celts, Renfaires, Adventure Movies, and more, then this radio station is for you! It’s the radio of a gaming, crafting, educational, and medieval store with lots of products and activities!

3. Fanboys Radio, the online radio station for geeks. Featuring the latest in today’s Geek music, talk and news! Their motto? Come and Get Your Geek On! So embrace the inner-geek inside of you and have a listen.

4.  City of London Paranormal Radio, the online radio station dedicated to spirits and the paranormal. Created by Scott Longman, this is a group in London dedicated to investigating the world of the paranormal. On this radio station you’ll be able to listen to chilling music, and real life stories of paranormal activity.

Online radio to share your expertises

Parfois la webradio est dans un premier temps destinée à être le support d’un média ou d’un lieu, permettant de développer des sujets ou événements autour d’elle. Cependant, la webradio reste toujours un média à part entière déclinant son identité propre.

5. OBBM Radio, the online radio station for off beat business media! This radio station includes talk shows about various topics such as money, fitness, health, profitability, marketing, branding and community resources.

6. Ecom Radio, the online radio station for online based businesses. This radio station focuses on giving tips to help you create your own E-commerce! You’ll find a mix of music and shows, so be sure to check out the different programs on their website.

7. Brainwave Radio, the online radio station for your brain. You won’t find any tips or advice here, however you’ll find a musical library composed of soothing and relaxing songs to help you concentrate or meditate. The music chosen is meant to help improve your focus, reduce your anxiety, fall asleep fast or even raise your energy.

Online radio to support a cause

In addition to sharing passions, online radio also serves to bring people together and support a common cause. Because speaking and listening are two important acts, we invite you to discover these 3 online radio stations dedicated to a specific cause.

8. Global Rainbow Foundation, the online radio station fighting against injustice to persons with disabilities. Their objective is to offer a turnkey services to support their audience through this radio. They imagine and develop new solutions to simplify the life and to stay connected with persons with disabilities in Mauritius and across the world.

9. E3 Radio, the online radio station from a queer point of view. Created by Anna DeShawn, E3 celebrates black, brown & queer music by providing a platform to be heard on. You can find out more about this project here.

10. Hindsight Media Radio, the online radio station for motivation. This radio plays a variety of music and motivational messages. They highlight and showcase people who have something good to talk about such as indie artists, motivational speakers, spiritual and thought leaders and more.

Online radio in another language 

You are already familiar with the concept of local radio stations, so why not discover a new culture thanks to these foreign radios! Discover new concepts and music thanks to our selection.

11. Salsa con Sabor Radio, discover the Domenican Republic through music. This radio aims to spread salsa, entertainment and information about this musical genre. One thing is for sure, it will get you dancing around the room!

12. Alefa Music, the radio station dedicated to the warm and rhythmic music of Madagascar. Salegy is the musical style most often represented in the programming seeing as it is indeed, the most popular rhythm on the island!

13. Radio Michel, the French radio dedicated to all the Michels. Yes, that’s right! This radio station only plays songs by people named Michel (or Michael in English).

14. Radio Flouka, discover music from the Arab world. This radio promotes sound culture in the Arab world, North Africa and around the Mediterranean sea.

Online radio stations dedicated to sport

Whether to talk about it or to support its practice, many online radio stations have decided to devote themselves to sport. This is logical when you know that some music is more motivating than others (don’t we all have our special “work-out” playlist?) Online radios are the perfect opportunity to share your energizing titles. 

15. PigskinNut, the online radio station about football. As you may have guessed, this is an American football radio station covering the NFL (National Football League) and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). If you’re a football fan, be sure to tune in!

16. Radyoga, the radio station about Yoga. As its name suggests, Radyoga offers yoga, meditation and even cooking classes. Everything you need to relax. It may be a French concept, but you’ll find their website translated to English here!


We didn’t know where to classify our favorite online radios, so here they are:

17. Ace Cafe Radio, a Rock ‘n Roll station. Established in 1938, today the Ace is known as the world´s most famous motor cafe, with their online radio playing London Rock ’n Roll from the 1950s and 1960s.

18. River of Calm, the Zen online radio station. There are many online radios dedicated to feeling zen and fulfilled, but the River of Calm is our favourite!

19. Acappella Only Radio, the online radio dedicated to acappella. As the name indicates, you’ll hear no instruments on this radio station a part from some serious vocals!

20 Afterwork Radio, Work less, listen more. Simply because the music taste is impeccable and there’s something to please everyone!