Hello, my name is Pierre but here, they call me Peter (because there’s already another Pierre in the team)! I’m a web developer, specializing in Back End development, an invisible job, as I don’t deal with interfaces but am essential for everything to work!

I have a background in software development and I am passionate about cinema and music. I like playing video games or board games and I also try to do photography in my spare time.

Why did you choose to join RadioKing?

First and foremost, it’s the projects that motivated me but also the atmosphere that seemed nice (and I can confirm, it is!). After working in several companies, I wanted to discover the start-up spirit, within a young team with innovative projects.

What are you listening to right now?

A New York artist named Mitski, I’m also discovering Steven Wilson, a musical genius. I also listen to the radio, Classic 21, for all fans of good music! Sometimes FIP to discover anything and everything, or France Inter for cultural enrichment.

Pierre’s Top 5 Tracks

Fleetwood Mac – Sara


Big Star – Thirteen


The Smiths – There Is A Light


Electric Light Orchestra – Turn To Stone


Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here


Thank you, humble visitor, for showing an interest in me in the space of a couple of minutes!

Feel free to leave Pierre your music and movie tips in the comments section!