From pop up shops to pop up restaurants, it’s clear that the concept of temporary retail is taking the market by storm. So why can’t the same apply for radio?

A pop up radio station is essentially a temporary radio station, often set up with the intention of promoting a specific event (festivals, exhibitions, corporate communication etc.) or product.

Now that you can create your own radio station quickly and easily, it’s pretty straightforward when it comes to starting a temporary radio station. In addition to reaching more than 3.77 billion Internet users, there are a number of good reasons to jump on the pop up radio station bandwagon!

Increase Brand Awareness

A pop up radio station can do wonders when it comes to getting your brand or product noticed. Producing viral content will undoubtedly generate excitement and drum up enthusiasm for your product. Not to mention attract future clients!

Increase Revenue

A pop up radio station isn’t just about musical atmosphere. Your temporary radio station can boost your profits. For example, some radio stations sell advertising space for the duration of the event. If you have a large audience, you’ll have a good reason to sell your airtime at a higher price. Discover more ideas on how to monetize you radio station here.

Improve Customer Experience

Setting up a radio station for your project can be extremely beneficial when it comes to improving the customer’s experienceFor instance, a shop or restaurant might choose to set up a radio station tailored to the seasons in order to respond more precisely to the expectations of their clientele.

Who can start a pop up radio station?

There are lots of ways different ways you can use a pop up radio station, so be creative! However, because we’re nice, here are just a couple of ideas:

Marketing Campaigns

Why not launch a pop up radio station as part of your new communication strategy? It’s the perfect way to work on your brand content. Depending on your marketing needs you might choose to create a temporary radio station for a product launch or to simply gather your community around your brand.

In any case, this type of solution doesn’t necessarily have to take up a lot of your time as the Radio Manager allows you to program your playlists up to 6 months in advance!

Top Tip: It may be worthwhile to share your customers’ opinions in the form of podcasts or simply organize a live chat to share the benefits of your product.


Pop up radio stations are a fantastic way of broadcasting various concerts live. You’ll be able to bring the festival atmosphere to those who can’t make it. To generate pre-festival buzz, why not showcase performing artists. It’ll give festival goers a taste of what’s to come!

Using the Statistics Module in the Radio Manager, you’ll even be able to obtain a clearer idea of the number of listeners as well as the countries most interested in your festival. They might even inspire you when it comes to marketing the next edition!

Top Tip: Why not report live from the crowd using an app such as Broadcast MySelf?

Moreover, the party doesn’t have to stop there. You can always continue the radio station after the festival for your hardcore fans.

Events & Exhibitions

If you’ve got a big event coming up, a pop up radio station can be a perfect communication medium during the event. Moreover, you can always interview exhibitors so that they can showcase their company or product.

For example, why not create a pop up radio station to accompany an art or fashion exhibition.

Top Tip: The Pro Radio Player is included for free with all of our Radio offers. If you integrate your player onto your website or Facebook page, those who can’t make it will easily able to tune in to live coverage!

Hopefully this article has sparked a couple of ideas to put in place your pop up radio station, so why not check out our various Radio offers. Our monthly subscriptions allow you to easily get started without having to make any long term commitments!

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