When it comes to running an online radio station, it’s essential that you stay in touch with your listeners even when they are not connected to your radio. Not only is it a great way to build loyalty with your listeners, but it will also help you develop your brand and create a strong link with your audience.


A newsletter is a regular email sent to all your subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis for example. It’s a great way to remind your disconnected listeners about your radio station and any upcoming events or news.

It’s important for you to build a database of your audience, in other words, to collect their email addresses so that you can send them your newsletter! You can do this by creating a registration area on your website.

Think carefully about the content of your newsletter. What will interest your fans, even those who may no longer listen to your radio station as often as before?

Here are some ideas:

  • News that is directly related to your radio station (upcoming events, live broadcasts…)
  • News related to the musical theme of your radio (new album, new concerts…)
  • Local news (If you’re a local radio station)

For more information about creating a newsletter for your radio station, check out this article.

Push notifications

Do you have a mobile application for your radio station? It’s the perfect solution to put your radio station in the pockets of millions of listeners!

Push notifications are a particularly effective way to alert your listeners, in real time, to what is broadcasting on your radio station. 

For example, if you have a live broadcast coming up be sure to let your audience know. For example: “Our live rock festival special is starting now!

It’s a fantastic way to remind your disconnected listeners of what they’re missing!

Social Media



Facebook remains the #1 social network through which you can stay connected with your listeners. Multiply your posts whether they are funny, unusual or simply informative. It can also be a good idea to have your Facebook account verified to increase your brand awareness.


Tweeting about every news posted on your site is crucial. It only takes a few seconds and it can be very effective if it is done systematically. Feel free to mention the Twitter accounts of the artists you are talking about, this will let them know that a tweet about them exists and will encourage them to retweet you. This could be great for your visibility!

Your disconnected listeners will also see that your account is very active and it may lead them to return to your radio station.


Instagram is a visual social network, this means that it’s the ideal place for you to show some exclusive content that can’t be seen elsewhere! Post behind-the-scenes photos of your radio station such as the ‘making of’ of your interviews/events/partnerships.

This will help your audience feel closer to you and your brand which, in turn, will develop their loyalty to your radio station.

Be present on forums

It’s also important for you to be active on a forums that deal with the same themes as your radio station. Be careful not to systematically promote your radio station in each post, however you can of course mention it and give it as an example when appropriate.

Remember to be reliable in your posts and avoid copying and pasting your answers from one forum to another as it may show!

Participate in events 

Try to attend events that your listeners are interested in! For example: festivals or concerts.

You should target one or two events in the year and physically meet your listeners, not only is this a great way to create a link with your listeners, but it will also help reinforce their loyalty to your radio station.

Ask their opinion

If you feel that you are losing listeners on your radio station, try and find out why. You can do this in your newsletters or social media profiles, for example:

  • Ask open questions such as “what do you want to hear on this radio station?” on your Facebook or Twitter profile.
  • Create a survey and include it in your newsletter to find out the type of content your listeners want, or why they listen to your radio station less.
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