In case you didn’t already know, it’s possible to create an entire radio show using Audacity. This software is essential when it comes to quickly and easily creating content for your media library. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to record a show and export it in MP3 format so that you’re ready to upload it into the planning of your Radio Manager.

What is Audacity?

Audacity is a free software, available on Windows, Mac and Linux. It allows you to record sound, edit it, export it to MP3 etc. You can use this software to record podcasts, create jingles or even put together your shows. In short, Audacity can be incredibly useful to process all of your audio files! 

How do you use Audacity?

To get started, download and install Audacity by clicking on the button below.

Download Audacity

Here’s a quick look at some of the different elements that make up the software:

1. These are the main buttons that will allow you to play, stop or record sound.
2. Here are the different volume buttons that will allow you to adjust the sound of your input and output devices.
3. This line displays the input and output devices.
4. The audio tracks are displayed in this part.

Recording with Audacity

You can record using your preferred input device, whether it’s an XLR microphone or even the built-in mic on your laptop. Simply choose the corresponding input in the field next to the microphone icon and click on the red circle to start recording. To stop your recording click on the stop button (the square).

record audacity

Create a jingle of your show with Audacity

To create a jingle you’ll need 2 elements beforehand:

  • An effect: a short sound that attracts attention
  • A bed: a background sound on which the voice will be placed.

You can then open Audacity and import your files into a new project. To do this click on the tab File > Import > Audio and select your 2 tracks.

All that’s left to do is record a voice over these sounds! To do so, click on Tracks > Add new > Mono track then hit the record button!

Export your MP3 program to the Radio Manager

In order for your audio files to be read by Manager Radio, you’ll need to export them to MP3. To do so, click on File > Export > Export as MP3. 

audacity jingle

You’ll be able to enter the metadata of your recording such as: title, artist, year etc… You can even add your own customised fields if you want!

final jingle

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Already mastered Audacity? Time to start adding some new content to your radio station!

  • Thomas Lopez

    I am not a customer and I might not be one in the future. While it seems like you guys know what you’re doing, someone obviously has not been educated on how RadioDJ automation software works and how you can easily integrate it with Audacity. Yeah, I know you guys aren’t RadioDJ. I was in fact able to integrate Audacity and RadioDJ together. Just last week, I set a playlist in my automation software, hit record in Audacity and started playing the music that I wanted. With a script to follow, I was able to record an entire podcast within 25 minutes. It usually takes me about 10 hours going back and doing a ton of unnecessary editing in Audacity. Just so you folks are aware, people are starting to shy away from internet radio and terrestrial radio altogether. Podcasting is becoming the future as a podcast gives the listener to go back at their own time to hear a podcast.

    • Hannah

      Hi Thomas! Thanks for your feedback. Perhaps you’d be interested to know that we’re currently developing a new platform for hosting podcasts called Spitch: Watch this space! ?

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