The time has come for your radio station to grow. But where exactly do you go when it comes to recruiting a new radio presenter? There are several way of going about this, although where you advertise can definitely have an effect on the type of applications that you might receive.

Be sure to have your ideal candidate in mind. What qualities are you looking for? What position would they have in your radio station?

Make sure that your advert gets across the fun atmosphere of your proposed offer as well as the seriousness of your radio project. You’ll also need to make a decision as to whether you’ll be paying your new recruit a fixed salary or whether the post is going to be voluntary, obviously driven by someone who shares the same passion and enthusiasm as you.

Create an online job advert

Job hunting websites such as Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn etc. are often a good start when it comes to getting your job advert out there. It’s definitely worth keeping an open mind when it comes to recruiting people via employment websites. You might just discover the next big Radio DJ that’s happened to pass under the radar because they’ve never had any previous radio experience.

Approach Media, Radio & Journalism Schools/Programs

This could be the perfect opportunity to find young, fervent minds who are already comfortable behind a mic or at least at ease when it comes to thinking up new entertaining content.

Make an appeal on social media

Like our friends over at QSNRadio, take the initiative to create a post on social media! If you tweet or post at the right time and in the right place, there’s a good chance of your advert getting shared multiple times. Participate in trending topics and be sure to interact with people who have the same interests as your station. The world of social media can open many new doors.

Organize a live casting on your radio station

Why not shake things up and let your listeners have a say by turning the new post into a competition prize. Organize a live casting where each wannabe DJ goes live on air for 10 minutes to host one of your regular radio shows. Your listeners can then vote for their favorite presenter and more importantly, you’ll have a better idea as to what they like.

Keep an eye out on YouTube

YouTubers of today are great influencers. Why not take advantage of their popularity to help improve the brand and image of your radio station. Contact them directly and invite them to participate in your radio project. At some point, they’ll move away from YouTube and your radio station might just be their next move. You can be sure that they’ll bring their loyal fan base with them too.

So as you can see, finding new members to join your radio crew really isn’t that difficult providing that you get your energy across! In any case, stay tuned for our article on how to become a radio presenter. In the meantime, go with your gut feeling when it comes to hiring  a new team member for your radio station. You’re the boss.

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