This week, we are delighted to welcome Jérome, founder of Radio Cyclo, the first online radio station dedicated to cycling. Hold on tight, we’re taking you on a ride to the universe of this radio station, dedicated to 2-wheel enthusiasts.

Can you briefly describe your project and the origins of Radio Cyclo?

Radio Cyclo is first and foremost the encounter of two radio enthusiasts and sports lovers (especially cycling). I had already been involved with the radio in 1982, during the liberation of the airwaves as we say, and I recently returned to it through an online radio station entirely dedicated to real estate. Arnaud Manzanini, co-creator, produces and distributes his podcasts, he is a high-level cyclist, but also a race organiser. Our 2 experiences gave birth to Radio Cyclo.

What can we listen to on Radio Cyclo?

Radio Cyclo, is a mix of music, interviews, reviews, and live coverage of cycling events.

What’s your target audience?

Our main aim is to talk about cycling for all. Our listeners are mostly cyclists, bicycle workers…

What do you enjoy most about this project?

We have a lot of fun hosting radio shows during events, in direct contact with our listeners. We also appreciate all this entrepreneurship and project implementation.

What’s next for Radio Cyclo?

What’s next? Our beginnings are very satisfying and we intend to move forward with Radio Cyclo. When all this is well structured and in place, why not launch other projects with other themes. We will think about it when the time comes!

To finish off, a word of advice for those who want to start their radio adventure?

Feel free to start and create your own online radio station. It is the modern medium. RadioKing allows you to embark on the adventure, with the necessary tools and with a reasonable budget.

Listen to Radio Cyclo on their Website, on their mobile App (Android & iOS) and join them on Facebook !

Launch your radio adventure today!