Launched by Gauthier SEYS and a band of music addicted, StereoChic offers to its listeners a full immersion in the world of Pop & Electro!




May you describe your project and the origins of StereoChic in a few words?


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Basically, I was the director of an advertising company and we created an internal radio within the company for background music.

As everybody liked the broadcasting so much, and since we were at the dawn of web-radios, we put on-line StereoChic: the company has been working on finding a name, a logo and a promise. Shortly after, we had the website for the radio and other communication tools to make it known in northern France.



Have you had any experience in the world of radio before?


It must be said that radio is a true passion for me: I’ve been doing it since I was 17, and I have had the opportunity to do much of my career as a DJ, Program Director, Regional Director or Communication Director in some great radios in northern France. Creating StereoChic was therefore primarily a passion that has lasted 10 years.




How have you heard of Radio King?


When I was the communication director at Contact FM (an FM radio in northern France), I wanted to improve the on-line tools for the development of the radio station, and that is how I discovered Radio King. The idea of working with a start-up as Radio King has quickly inspired me confidence. It is a pleasure to work with your team, and you have precise and technical skills.


What do you think are the essential features offered by Radio King to the radio stations?


Managing a web-radio demands a huge level of competence: you must have a concept for planning, tone, rhythm and design, but you should also manage the image of the radio, its website, its radio app and its presence on social networks.

Finally, the technical part might soon become a group solutions that are not to easy to match: thus, Radio King offers very powerful solutions upon this matter.


In which ways can we listen to “StereoChic”?


Everywhere! On websites, mobile apps, on the stereos, on iTunes Radio, on the search engines for web-radios… We are looking for being easy to find everywhere!


Can you tell us about your audience profile?


We have a target particularly made of music lovers, addicted people, leaders, discoverers: we prefer a listener who enjoys StereoChic broadcasting rather than planning a broadcast that would appeal to the majority. Without being elitist, you should really have a thirst for music in order to enjoy our Electro Pop Urban Music broadcasting.


What do you value most in this project?


Radio is magic… At the same time, that be for a track, a topic or a radio show, listeners vibrate, laugh, wonder and share all together. That’s what I like the most about this medium.




How do you select the artists to broadcast on “StereoChic”?


We have 3 musical universes, and together with 5 addicted friends of mine, each one of us brings his contribution: two of them are mostly oriented on the Electro, another one has a Urban ear and me and the remaining friend manage Pop music. But we are always open to our listeners and friends’ opinions, as they always suggest us some new tracks on the social networks.



Do you have a nice anecdote that took place within your radio or during the setting up of this project?


The name of the radio… We had several briefings within the company to find a nice name … free & available! On Friday night, we did decide that the radio name would be Pop7. But then, during the weekend, I dreamed of StereoChic. When I woke up, I thought the name embodied just the values I was looking for.

On Monday morning, the graphic designer had his suggestions for the logo of Pop7, but we threw everything away and we worked on the logo that, 10 years later, still stands untouched.


What are the next projects for “StereoChic”?

technology (1)Landing on the DAB+? The FM? It would be really amazing.


Finally, a quick piece of advice for those who wish to venture into this kind of thing?

Be brave!



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