With a global audience of 60 million listeners, TuneIn is the leading platform in radio station directories. It includes the largest selection of free radio stations devoted to sports, music, talk and news, from around the world.

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How do you add your radio station to TuneIn?

The first step is to go to the “Broadcasters” section of TuneIn. You can find that by following this link: tunein.com/broadcasters.

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Next, click on “ADD A STATION” to add your radio station to TuneIn.


If you have several streams, you can add them by clicking on “+ Add another stream“. Fill in the form by specifying the details of your radio station and its format.


.Capture d’écran 2016-05-04 à 14.54.08Finally, check the box “I accept and agree to the Terms & Conditions” and click on “Sign Me Up!


The TuneIn teams will review your request within 48 hours. After it has been validated, your radio station will be added to the platform within 24 hours and be available on all media types offered by TuneIn:

• Computers & game console (Xbox One)

• Smart TVs (Samsung & Panasonic)

• Wireless audio products (Sonos & Roku)

• Smartphones & Tablets (iOS, Android & Windows Phones)

How to update your radio station on TuneIn?

If your radio station is already available on TuneIn and you simply want to update your radio station profile, send a message via this link.

Bear in mind that all existing streams will remain active unless instructed to be removed in the comment section. Be clear and concise to make TuneIn’s support job easier!

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And that’s it! We hope that this article has helped inform you on how to integrate your radio station on TuneIn! Don’t have your own Radio Station yet? Create one for free with RadioKing: