Started up by Benjy after a long experience in FM radio, Oxygène Réunion offers listeners a sunny line up of Reunion colors!

Can you describe your project and the idea behind Oxygène Radio in a couple of words?

Oxygène Radio is a Reunion radio created by people passionate about music and especially radio.  Although a “sunny” line up is the main priority, a large part is left to French music and the latest hits.

Prior to this, did you have any experience in the radio world?

Yes, I did 15 years at an FM radio in Reunion Island and it’s from this experience that the project was born.

How did you hear about RadioKing?

I was looking around on the internet for a professional and reliable platform to create my own web radio. It was then that I came across RadioKing. The big advantage of your platform is that it allowed us to test out our own online radio station for free for 7 days. The demo allowed us to see if the Radio Manager met our expectations and it did!.

In your opinion, what are the essential features that RadioKing offers to a radio station?

Houlaaaa, there are several! First of all, I would say that the dashboard is very clear and legible. We also appreciate the ease of creating breaks on the Radio Manager and especially being able to analyse our real-time statistics to see the real extent of our work.


What are the different ways to listen to Oxygène Radio?

Oxygen Radio is available on iOS & Android via our mobile app, your listening platform,, Les Radios Digitales, TuneIn and more recently, Orange Radio.

Can you tell us about your audience profile?

As there’s something for all music tastes on our radio station, I would say that our listeners are quite varied. Young or old, from Reunion to Mauritius but also in France and other countries. It’s nice to receive messages from far away and from people that you don’t know, who encourage and congratulate us for this radio!

What do you value most about this project?

What we appreciate most about our project is sharing our passion with others, especially during our live broadcasts that take place on the weekend. A certain closeness and conviviality sets in during our live sessions and I think it can only win the loyalty of our listeners.

How do you select the artists broadcast on Oxygène Radio?

Tastes and colors are not discussed… but we really try to select what we think is essential for our listeners. One thing for sure is that we cannot play everyone on air. Our slogan being “The Most Beautiful Musical Beaches”, we ask anyway out of respect for our listeners a minimum of quality, especially with regard to the sound.

Do you have a quick anecdote in connection with your radio station or the setting up of this project?

When we launched the radio station, it was a communication campaign on social networks and many people were wondering what frequency they could tune into in order to listen to us. When talking about “webradio”, some people thought it was the name of the radio and started to look it up on the FM directory!

What’s next for Oxygène Radio?

Keep the momentum going and be known of on the web like many other online radio stations. We also want to invite as many people as possible to join us on “The Most Beautiful Musical Beaches”!

To finish up, do you have any words for anyone wishing to embark on this adventure?

Go on and do it, if this is your passion and you really love radio, you only live once!