Do you already have your own online radio station, but want to change your radio host? Why not join the RadioKing adventure and successfully migrate your online radio without any interruption for your listeners!

Step 1: Review your situation

Ask yourself why you want to change service providers. Write down the elements that matter to you (stream quality, editing of mix points, statistics, essential widgets such as audio dedications, reactive support, etc.) and calculate your budget.

Also, try to calculate your audience (if possible) so that you can determine which radio offer will best suit you and your project.

Step 2: Save your data

For months or even years you have been working on your radio station, before you leave your current host, find out if you can get some of the elements of your work back. Save your media library and retrieve your broadcasts.

Step 3: Open a free temporary radio with RadioKing

To facilitate the migration of your radio host to RadioKing, we offer you a free 7 day demo. Take advantage of this to prepare your media library and begin your programming. Indeed, on the Radio Manager all your tracks must be downloaded in MP3 format. If this demo meets your needs, you will be able to purchase it and keep your work!

Step 4: Get to know the Radio Manager 

It always takes a little time to adapt when you start using a new tool, so take the time to get used to it. Read the tutorials and watch the videos to help you learn.

Top Tip: You can benefit from one-on-one training course with a member of our team. Book your training course today!

Step 5: End your old hosting solution at the right moment

It may be tempting to quickly close your account with your former service provider, but don’t rush, as some listeners may still access your radio station through this service provider. So wait until the time is right to suspend your radio accommodation to make sure you don’t lose listeners on the way.

Step 6: Retrieve your listening link

A listening link is a link from which your listeners can listen to your online radio. When you were at your old host, the link would go to their servers. Now that you have decided to change your accommodation for your radio, your listening link will no longer be the same.

Your RadioKing listening link can be found under the Widgets section of your Radio Manager.

Step 7: Change your listening link 

Now that you have recovered your listening link, you will have to replace it on all media where you shared your old link. List the sites and social networks where your old listening link appears: your website? Your Facebook page? Listening directories?

Simply copy your new RadioKing link and paste it in place of the old one.

Step 8: Inform your listeners 

Your listeners have their own habits, some prefer to listen to you on your website, or via iTunes. You must therefore inform them of a potential change of link. Feel free to give them your new links several times, and reassure them about good practices to adopt.

Step 9: Make the most of the RadioKing features

All our offers include a player that will allow you to integrate your radio on your website, feel free to display your new player and other features.

The audio shout-out widget is available in our Pro & Business Offers.

Step 10: Build your audience

Now you can focus on your content and communication around your online radio station, we take care of broadcasting your programming.

Now you know how to change hosts and join the RadioKing adventure!

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