Entering the world of Streema is to open yourself to a realm where over 70,000 radio stations and more than 10,000 TV channels coexist, offering a window into an unprecedented cultural and musical diversity. This unique platform brings together listeners from around the world, allowing them to discover free and varied content.

Our encounter with the Streema team, during RadioDays Europe in Paris, reinforced our belief in the significance of this platform for radio content creators. Consequently, we decided to update our guide to help you navigate this space, integrate your web radio onto this platform, and reach a wider audience.

1/ Why Streema
2/ How to Add Your Radio on Streema?
3/ Optimizing visibility on Streema
4/ Managing and Updating Your Profile
5/ Conclusion
6/ FAQ


1/ Why Streema?

A Global Platform for Radios and Televisions

Streema stands out as a digital crossroads where music, news, and culture converge. Imagine a place where every note, every word, and every story from over 70,000 radios and 10,000 television channels intertwine to create a rich and varied tapestry of audiovisual experiences. This is precisely what Streema offers: an unmatched diversity accessible with just a click, wherever you are in the world. This platform caters to everyone’s tastes and interests, offering content ranging from current music hits to societal debates, and cultural gems from all around the globe.

The Importance of Streema for Your Radio

Integrating your radio onto Streema opens the door to a global audience. It’s the opportunity to let your content shine beyond physical borders and reach listeners from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are an established station looking to expand your audience or a budding radio wishing to make your mark, Streema is an exceptional showcase. The significance of this platform lies in its ability to connect content creators with a community of engaged listeners who are curious and in search of new discoveries. Being on Streema also means benefiting from improved indexing in the digital ecosystem, thus increasing the visibility of your web radio and the loyalty of your audience.


2/ How to Add Your Radio on Streema?

Integrating your web radio on Streema is a strategic move to increase your visibility and engage a global audience. Here’s how to do it step by step.

Access to the Addition Section

The first step towards expanding your audience on Streema begins with a visit to their website. Look for the section dedicated to adding new radios. This is where your digital journey takes shape, guiding you to a form designed to introduce your web radio to the world.

Filling Out the Registration Form

Precision and attention to detail are key when filling out this form. Every field you complete is a building block in your online presence.

Basic Radio Information

  • Radio Name: This field reflects the identity of your web radio. Ensure the name entered is both accurate and memorable.
  • Broadcast Type: Select the nature of your broadcast. This information helps Streema categorize your radio, making it more accessible to potential listeners.

Stream and Location Details

  • Website and Stream URL: The address of your radio website and your main stream are crucial. They form the direct link between Streema and your content. You can find this address in the Radio Manager in the Widgets section.
  • Language and Location: The chosen language will either broaden or limit your reach. Think strategically. As for the location, it enables a deeper connection with local listeners while attracting those interested in specific cultures.

Contact Information and Affiliation

  • Contact Details: Providing verifiable contact information establishes credibility and facilitates communication. Clearly state your affiliation with the station to avoid any confusion.

Description, Slogan, and Logo

  • Slogan and Description: Your slogan captures the essence of your web radio, while the description offers a more detailed preview of what listeners can expect. Be concise yet informative.
  • Logo: Your logo is the face of your brand. Ensure it meets Streema’s specifications for optimal integration.

Social Networks and Validation

  • Social Links: Add your social media profiles to strengthen your online presence and encourage listener engagement.
  • Validation: Once all fields are filled out, a thorough check is imperative before submitting the form. This moment is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

By carefully following these steps, you will maximize the chances of a successful integration of your radio on Streema, thereby opening the door to an international audience.


3/ Optimizing visibility on Streema

Maximizing your presence on Streema isn’t just about listing your radio station. It’s also about seizing every opportunity to increase your visibility and effectively engage your audience.

Integration with Streema digital media

Streema offers more than just a listening platform; it’s a digital ecosystem where your web radio can shine. By taking advantage of Streema’s various digital media, such as their website, mobile applications and integrations on other platforms, you can considerably increase the points of contact with potential listeners around the world. Make sure your profile is not only complete but also attractive, with up-to-date information and engaging content that encourages users to click and listen.

Tips for Enhancing Your Profile

  1. Quality Content: Ensure your web radio’s description is rich in information and relevant keywords, yet also captivating for the listener. Share the story of your radio, its mission, musical genres, or flagship programs to spark interest.
  2. Interactivity: Foster interaction by inviting listeners to leave comments, rate your radio, or share their experience on social media. An active community around your radio enhances its visibility and appeal.
  3. Regular Updates: Keep your profile updated with the latest information, events, or programming changes. A dynamic and current profile is more likely to catch attention.
  4. Attractive Visuals: The logo and images associated with your profile play a crucial role in visual appeal. Ensure they are of high quality, meet Streema’s specifications, and represent your radio’s identity.
  5. SEO Optimization: Incorporate strategic keywords into your radio’s description to enhance its ranking on Streema and search engines. This helps potential listeners discover your radio when searching for similar content.
  6. Social Media Engagement: Link your social profiles to your Streema page and use these platforms to promote your presence on Streema. Social shares can increase your visibility and attract a new audience.

By implementing these strategies, you can not only enrich your Streema profile but also expand your listener base and strengthen your community’s engagement.


4/ Managing and Updating Your Profile

Keeping your Streema profile up-to-date is crucial for reflecting the evolution of your web radio and continuing to engage your audience effectively. Here’s how you can manage and refresh your presence on the platform.

Linking Your Radio to a Listener Account

To facilitate the management of your profile, Streema allows linking your web radio to a personal listener account. This feature offers invaluable flexibility, giving you the power to edit and update your radio’s information at any time, without intermediaries. This direct link between your account and your radio simplifies updates, whether it’s changes in programming, new shows, or special events you want to promote.

To establish this connection, visit your Streema account settings and follow the instructions to link your radio. This process is generally straightforward and intuitive, designed to enable you to take control of your content quickly and efficiently.

Authentication Request Process

Before you can make changes to your profile, a crucial step is the authentication request of your account. This security measure ensures that only legitimate representatives of the radio can adjust the information related to it. To initiate this process, you will need to provide certain proofs that attest to your affiliation with the radio, such as a professional email or official documents.

Once your request is submitted, the Streema team will review your information for accuracy. This process can take a few days, after which you will receive a confirmation by email. With this authentication, you’ll have the ability to update your profile as you wish, ensuring that listeners have access to the most recent and relevant information about your web radio.

Proactively managing your Streema profile is a key element in maintaining listener engagement and enhancing your radio’s presence. By following these steps to link and authenticate your account, you ensure that your web radio remains dynamic, current, and in tune with your audience’s expectations.


Your journey to integrate and optimize your web radio on Streema has come to an end, but the adventure is just beginning. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ve laid the foundations for a strong and dynamic presence on one of the most influential platforms in the world of online radio and television.

The significance of Streema in today’s media landscape cannot be understated, offering a global showcase for thousands of radios and televisions. By adding yours, you open the doors to an international audience, eager to discover what your unique content has to offer.

Remember, engaging with and regularly updating your profile is crucial to maintain listener interest and attract new fans. Streema is not just a broadcasting platform; it’s a community of passionate listeners, content creators, and radio professionals, all united by a love for music, news, and stories.

We hope this guide has been helpful and has inspired you to fully leverage Streema’s potential for your web radio. At RadioKing, we’re always looking for ways to enrich the radio experience, and sharing this knowledge with you is at the heart of our mission.

If you have questions, tips, or experiences to share about your journey with Streema, don’t hesitate to let us know. Together, let’s continue to make the world resonate with the rhythm of our radios!


To help you navigate the Streema universe more easily and maximize the impact of your web radio, here are some frequently asked questions, enriched with practical advice.

How can Streema increase traffic to my web radio?

Streema acts as a global showcase, exposing your radio to a wide array of potential listeners. By optimizing your profile and actively engaging with the community, you can significantly increase traffic to your web radio. Use attractive descriptions, regularly update your content, and interact with your listeners to stimulate interest and encourage repeated visits.

Is there a Streema app to improve my radio’s accessibility?

Yes, Streema offers a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. By ensuring your web radio is present and well-highlighted on the Streema app, you facilitate access for listeners who prefer to consume their favorite content on the go. This can not only increase your audience but also enhance user engagement through a convenient and enjoyable listening experience.

How long does it typically take to see an audience increase after joining Streema?

The time it takes to see a significant increase in audience can vary based on several factors, such as the quality and regularity of your content, your level of engagement on the platform, and how you promote your presence on Streema. Generally, it is possible to see results within a few months following a well-crafted and implemented strategy. Patience and perseverance are key; continue to enrich your profile and interact with the community to build a loyal audience.

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