With the start of the new school year fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to delight your listeners with new back-to-school radio programs.

Whether you’re a budding radio creator or a professional, these 10 program ideas will help you attract and retain your audience for the new season.

1. “Today’s good news”

To prolong the effects of the sun and motivate the troops, what could be better than a newsflash focused on good news? Your listeners will love it!

2. “The best of summer”

Bring summer back to life with a compilation of last season’s best moments. Interviews, special events, musical performances, everything that marked the summer deserves its place in this special program.

summer festival

3. “Our local stars”

Showcase local talent by dedicating a weekly program to artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and associations from your region. This will strengthen the link with your community and provide a platform for celebrating local creativity.

4. “Room for the classics”

Dive into past decades with timeless hits. Choose a specific period each week and broadcast iconic songs, milestones and historic events to bring back memories for your listeners.

5. “The Morning Show”

Help your listeners get their day off to a good start with a dose of serenity. Relaxing music, health tips – it’s the perfect combo for a zen morning.

6. “Midnight Conversations”

Define a theme, a topic and invite your listeners to respond live! Evenings are a great time to confide in each other and chat. It’s an intimate time to bond with your listeners.

7. “One hour, one theme”

Organize themed music hours to satisfy the varied tastes of your audience. Hours devoted to rock, hip-hop, jazz, or even love songs, the choice is vast to offer a unique musical experience.

8. “Friday Night Party”

End the week in style with a dance program. DJ sets, timeless hits…set the mood and encourage listeners to share their dance videos live on social media.

radio dj

9. “Live Sessions”

Give local or emerging artists the chance to perform live on your radio station. Acoustic sessions or studio performances add a personal touch to the listening experience.

10. “Listeners’ Choice”

Leave the power of programming in the hands of your listeners. Organize online polls to let your audience choose the music, topics and guests for your shows. This promotes engagement and shows that you’re taking their preferences into account.

Back-to-school is the perfect time to bring a breath of fresh air to your radio programming. Your listeners are back from vacation and will be all the more delighted to have their favorite radio station back! Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and back-to-school radio programs with us.

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