To accompany you on long journeys, summer barbecues and all the other activities that this beautiful season has to offer, we have put together a selection of radios. ☀️

🎤 For a long drive (with or without kids)

What could be better than country and folk music for long car journeys? PopRock Country Radio has you covered. You can tell a good road trip by its music!

🎶 For wild blindtests

What better way to liven up long summer evenings than with a radio station playing the best film music? Appoint a referee and have the rest of the team guess which film the music is from!

Although La Radio du Cinéma is a French radio, you’ll find all the cult soundtracks on it (it’s also a great radio station to feed your list of films to watch!)

🕺 To admire the sunsets

Sunset Chillout Lounge is the perfect radio to watch the sun go down, but also to set the pace for the milder days ahead.

😴 For well-deserved siestas

If you’re not lucky enough to be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves, then The River of Calm will do the trick!

Relaxation is the order of the day!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this selection and we look forward to your recommendations! 🧡

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