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A radio station for bars and restaurants

Many bars & restaurants stand out today from the competition thanks to the atmosphere that they propose. Setting up a radio station for your establishment will allow you to manage the atmosphere according to the different moments of the day as well as in an automated way!

A radio station for shops and stores

Whether you are a clothing store or a hair salon, today you have the opportunity to create your own radio station. Many shops have already opted to add music to their own environment, so why not yours?

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A radio station for schools and university

As part of an introduction to digital tools, creating an internet radio station for your institution can be the ideal educational tool to educate your students about new information and communication technologies.

A radio station for festivals

Continue the festival adventure all year long. Radio is a great way to attract festivalgoers throughout the year but also to generate additional revenue.

It can also be used to broadcast live sessions, quizzes or to go behind the scenes of your festival.

A radio station for businesses

Share the values and culture of your company with your employees. Corporate radio is a strategic tool that can be used both internally and externally.

In the case of a branded radio station, this media allows you to directly address your clients by innovatively working on your brand content.

A radio station for your hotel

Your clients deserve the best benefits. The most well known hotels of the world already propose their own customized musical atmosphere for their clients. From the hotel lobby, to the hotel bar and the elevators, you need to be able to offer a musical atmosphere that matches the quality of your establishment.


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Marketing Agencies

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Political parties & governments

Nightclubs & trendy cafés

Associations & NGOs

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