This week, get to know Laureline, our new recruit working as our Office Manager.

Why did you join RadioKing?

I joined RadioKing because it is a growing company with fair, ethical & ambitious values. I enjoy working in companies that have this sense of developing SME while keeping and preserving this humanity.

I took it as a new challenge!

What are your missions going to be?

My main mission is the general well-functioning of the company. This means both administratively (Accounting, Human Resources, Controls, Legal, Management Support) and humanly (making sure that the team is doing well and that my colleagues have everything they need to work in good conditions). This is a central role for an optimal organization.

What are your hobbies?

Dance, of course, but also Japan, Art, Applied Philosophy in Personal Development and Entrepreneurship. I am passionate about life in general. ?

What are you listening to at the moment?

I confess being a big fan of baroque music, but also of theme music. But I listen to all kinds of music to get inspiration for my creations (except Country haha).

Currently, I’m listening to La Rêveuse from Marin Marais.

My Top 5

Joe Hisaishi – One Summer’s Day


French 79 – Code Zero


Monteverdi – Lamento della Ninfa

Bach – Viola Concerto in C Minor – 2. Adagio molto espressivo

Frank Sinatra – New York, New York

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    Good to know about Laureline, as a new office manager. Best luck for her.