Hello everyone, my name is Laure and I’ve just joined the RadioKing team, I am your new sales assistant. I look forward to answering your questions and guiding you in the creation of your radio station. I am a fan of video games and movies and I also like trying to skateboard during my spare time.


Why did you join RadioKing ?


I wanted to join a dynamic and innovative start-up in order to take up new challenges. The world of star-ups is a place where I feel good and where I can flourish and constantly learn new things. RadioKing offers me the opportunity to do all this. The team is welcoming and motivating.


What am I listening to at the moment?


I often listen to the radio,  stations like France Inter and France Culture but also Nova to discover new music. I am always curious to discover new musical horizons and I regularly look up new radio stations on the RadioKing platform.


My Top 5 tracks:


Polly – Nirvana


Maria – Blondie


Marabout – Juniore


Despair, Hangover and ecstasy – The Do


Aloha – Mome




I hope to listen to your radio stations and your musical selections very soon.

I also look forward to discussing your radio project with you!