As many of you know, since 2019 you have the possibility of adding your radio station to Amazon’s virtual assistant: Alexa for just $119/ year. Well guess what? You can now make your radio station available on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for the same price.

We’ve updated our Smart Speaker offer to include the creation of an Alexa Skill (for Amazon), and a Google Action (for Google).

What is Google Assistant?

Juste like Alexa for Amazon, Google Assistant is Google’s virtual assistance program. It’s available mainly on mobile devices (phones and tablets), connected speakers (e.g. Google Home) and smart displays (e.g. Google Home Hub).

What is a Google Action?

Put simply, a Google Action is essentially a voice application for Google Assistant. This application will allow your listeners to launch your radio station, and even ask what the current title is with a simple voice command.

How to add my radio station to Google Assistant?

Creating a Google Action and adding your radio station to Google Assistant is incredibly easy!

Thanks to our Smart Speaker offer, you’ll simply need to fill in this form with the information of your radio station (listening link, logo, slogan, description…) and our team will take care of the rest! Don’t forget that this offer includes the creation of an Alexa Skill and a Google Action.

How to access my radio station via Google Assistant?

To access your radio station via Google Assistant, all you have to do is ask…

  • To launch your radio: “Hey Google, talk to (Radio name)”
  • To find out what’s broadcasting: “Hey Google, What’s the current title?”

Watch our video demonstration here:

Can I create a Google Action for my radio station if it’s not hosted by RadioKing?

Yes you can indeed create a Google Action (and Alexa Skill) for your radio station, even if your radio is hosted elsewhere! You’ll simply need to enter your listening link (available in https) in order to configure your voice applications.

Can I create a Google Action for my FM radio station?

If you have created an online stream for your FM station, then you can easily create a Google Action! Simply follow this link for more information.

Don’t have your own radio station yet? Try a free 7 day trial today!

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